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Since 2012, Franklin Street has drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors to their nearly 40 yearly events, most of which are free to the public.

Offering both nightlife attractions and family centered events, the Franklin Street Events Association has set a standard for other towns and neighborhoods to strive towards. Since the formation of the FSEA, nearly 20 new businesses have made their homes on Franklin St; now one of the state’s most vibrant urban centers.

Every business has seen substantial growth and many have expanded due to the millions of dollars of commerce flowing through the doors of Franklin Street businesses.

Held at the heart of Franklin Street, on the West Library Lawn, Frolic on Franklin will be an evening of dining, dancing, and delicious treats!

We are celebrating all that is Franklin Street, the small business owners and volunteers; whose passion has captured local loyalty and provided a model of how collaboration can achieve amazing results.

All proceeds raised from Frolic on Franklin go towards the Franklin Street Event’s Association and their efforts to continue to fund more vibrant community.

Please celebrate with us on April, 27th from 6pm-10pm.


Attending our events and supporting Franklin Street businesses goes a long way to forwarding our mission.  We also count on donations from people like you to fund the various community based activities we produce and manage.  If you love local businesses and our community as much as we do, consider donating to Franklin Street Events Association.

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